Blast Galaxy is now out in beta!

I am open to suggestions to make the game better!


I’d like to know when I’m actually hitting something, so you could make an animation or something to fix that…

Done, now the enemies emit debris partials once you hit them…

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Also, I think the bullets should destroy when hitting the enemy ships

Done! any thing else?

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Another thing:
You should make the delay for shooting more

1: I will try to rearrange the order.
2: The energy overloading was intentional.

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Ok, done. Anything else?

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Nope. All good for now!
Btw, I’m making a space-game too!

Where’s the X button on this ad?

Don’t understand :thinking:

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You were basically advertising (I think) so I made a joke about it

I was just noticing a lot of the similarities between our games…:upside_down_face:

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I tried your game, but something was happening that wouldn’t make me get past the tutorial, at the controls part.


The game is pretty good. Needed to get used to the controls though. But I thought the Title Screen was a bit messy.


Yeah still working on that title screen :grimacing:

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Ok, so I decided to clean it up myself. Here is what I made:

Screenshot 2021-11-04 10.38.05 AM

Also, To make it better when you play it, This is some programming in the Settings Gear:

Screenshot 2021-11-04 10.38.42 AM

And for the fullscreen button:

Screenshot 2021-11-04 10.39.03 AM