Blind bot help + ideas

so im making a blind bot for my booster jam game im thinking of using a global and extractors to make the sound but the movement is the hard part
for the movement ill use NPVGM systom
its hearing will be based off

  • how far players is from mob
  • how loud was the sound
  • how far mob is from player
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Ok. Why is this a help request?

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i need help to get the movement right but the NPVGM systom wont work

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*System won’t.

Please fill me in on what this is.

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number pos velocity global messaging system

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you already have a system in place?


yes sorry for the late reply

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Can I see it? It may be wired wrongly

i did not make it i start to brain storm first NPVGM is a logic based bot program

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So you only have a idea in place, I heard you mentioning a number of behaviors, use alpacas method

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these are the steps
that the bot will use

  • player makes noise
  • global, number, and extractor get the dis, volume, and velocity
  • player gets x, y, z and sends to bot
  • bot gets the x, y, z and moves to the sound
  • once bot gets to sound stop and attack if no thing is there wander
  • and lastly code the wandering its self

Yep, so make it a reality! One thing to think about is how are you going to quantify sound?


i all ready have the blind bots beta type ill PM you the link so you can take a look

Using an acronym for a term you created isn’t a good thing to do when asking for help because we’d have no way of knowing what it meant.

It also seems like you already have everything you need to make the bot?


no i need to crank things up its rusty

Ok, but I don’t know what you mean by
“Crank things up its rusty”

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the bot will keep moving while its dead
the bot is to dumb
the bot moves wen bumped

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Just remove the bot or something. It’s not that difficult if it’s dead. Use enable to turn off its collisions, doesn’t matter, should be a simple fix.


You can turn moveable off and Velocity still works.

I mean, not a lot I can do to help. We’re not going to build the entire thing for you. This is very dependent on your game. Bots are trial and error based on nature, we cannot give you a one size fits all solution for that.

Maybe we can give some recommendations that you would need to implement, but not a lot more. I’m assuming by “dumb” you means it’s getting stuck on walls and whatnot.
I’m assuming this is because you’re just moving it toward the sound (X/Y). You’ll either need to use Ray Casts to detect the wall or use a different system.

Another system might have the player send off trials from the sound source that the enemy can target or something like that. Once again though, bots are very game specific and require a lot of fine tuning