Block drop test (Anti-Rix)

After seeing @"Mhx Ar"s attempt on an avalanche/tetrisd style game, and stopping work on it (for now possibly, as he was dealing with bugs), I decided to try the concept myself. So far, so good, actually… the only complaint Im having is that the 1 by 2 blocks are catching each-other on the corners, which gets aggravating…

Anyway, I plan to make different types of blocks, touchscreen GUI (Im thinking of porting it to mobile like I did SB3)

On the side note, can someone help me come up with a catchy nickname?

The game seems pretty good :+1:

That red block is getting aggravating. The collision doesnt want to trigger, or it keeps going for some reason.

See why I gave up?

Well I think it has to do with something with the rotation, but I imagine its not too hard to fix

I looked at the red block and I don’t see anything connected to the collision trigger - am I misunderstanding the issue?

@grazer thats a bug involving child objects. Triggers in parents dont trigger for children unless theres a collision set to ANY in the child

The red one is a child of the 1 by 1 purple one

As a fix to the corners catching, I may just make a seperate object that is a different orientation, and then cut the sides off so they cant catch.

@grazer got it done, but now theres about a 50-50 chance that the horizontal 1 by 2 doesnt stop until it hits the very bottom, which causes pandemonium, because theres more blocks than you can fit at the bottom…

Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - I don’t understand your explanation of the child collision bug. I’m trying to reproduce the situation you’re describing, but all the collision combinations I have set up seem to be triggering properly.

@grazer I guess it fixed itself…

Take an object, put a collision based event in it, then make another object with the first one set as its parent. Thats usually the case.

Added a laser, so you have to climb to stay a alive

@“Mhx Ar” what do you think so far? I might begin to take this seriously and post it on google play.

If I have time tonight I’ll look