Blocks that the player can stand on top of, but also walk through the side of

Kind of like in a 2d Mario game, the character can walk “in front of” an object like a big box, but can also jump on top of it. Can we do that in Flowlab? Maybe we would need to make an object that is solid on top, but not solid on the sides?

It’s a one-way gate, and they have them in Pokemon too, when you jumped down hills but you can’t go back up on them. CBG has one of the best working examples, I made something a while back, but it’s a little bit glitchy. I was considering trying something with raycast now that we have it. Basically the object just disables when it proximities you from a certain direction, but we have Raycast now, so you should be able to just have the object you want to stand on disable when you are within the raycast direction it points at. Since it only will Point down into the sides, if you are above it, it won’t be disabled, so you it will be solid.

Actually you should just have a nor and an up raycast. Then it will only be solid when you are above it if you have the nor connect to disable, and connect the raycast to enable.