Bloon TD In Flowlab

Hey there, thanks for checking this thread out
but anyways I am creating balloon tower defense in flowlab which is kinda complex but not impossible, so here is the thing I created an invisible ballon hitbox and a normal ballon which attaches to the balloon hitbox but when I spawn the ballons with the spawner I created, I can’t see the balloon but the monkey who is supposed to shoot the ballon can see it and the way the ballons move is simple, the ballons hit a block which is “up, down, left or right” then if collision happened between the ballon and the ‘move’ block it turns for example like 180 degrees but the doesn’t work since the invisible problem so any flowlab nerds out there help me
I can draw any art if necessary
the game I am still working on:
please make an explanation or a game or just write the code if you found out how to fix this problem

Nice, but its not working for me.

ah, if the balloons are invisible try settiing the display order on the balloon to 2

It would also be a better idea if the paths were background objects. That way, they will always appear behind the balloons, no matter their display order.

it didn’t change anything if I change the display order because I attached the main balloon with the balloon hitbox thingy and set it to 0% and attached the balloon hitbox with the main balloon