just an overview of what the game is and what its about.
Need ideas for enemies, most importantly a flying one.
Enjoy, and tell me all your suggestions.

Also tell me what you think.



Im digging that walk cycle! I want to see more.

@praisetheyuppee I see many things while playing in my mind.

-It has a unique concept, with a very satisfying mechanic. A little man solving puzzles with his million boomerangs.

-It has simple, yet satisfying visuals. Gives me a little nostalgia and looks like something you’ll see back in the SNES days.

-It has a variety of blocks in the overall structures of the whole thing so far. It gives it a much more diverse and natural feeling of it.

-It has multiple element and so far, such as the enemies and the key doors.

My Constructive Critisism
-No background? Every game needs a moderate background

-Since when did boomerangs stop rotating when thrown, and since when did the go so fast?

(Those are very minor details that stand out to me. You can change them later.)

The only thing that kinda makes it a little bland is that you can only throw it horizontally. Maybe make it to where it gets thrown towards the cursor?

Otherwise, great game

“sniffle” no one ever compliments my games

@ShadowAxeKid thanks, so im gonna add a background but with your comments on making it so you can throw other than sideways, im working on that, when you press up arrow key, and then do C it will throw up, but not cursor

Ill slow it down and im gonna make it rotate soon,

i need ideas for a background


I like the style too.

@todorrobot i like it too, i just kinda, made it without really thinking, but it turned out fresh af

@todorrobot what do you mean by you want to see more?

I mean, keep going!

ok thanks