Boredom + flowlab = THIS

So I got bored with what I was currently doing (Smash 4) and decided “why don’t I take a stab at this concept?”

So I created this little test with 2 16-bit semi-clones that try to beat the crap out of eachother and launch the other to the stratosphere.

Player 1= Wasd, Z- Primary, X- secondary
Player 2= Arrows, “,” primary, “.” Secondary.

Your primary is used to build up the opponents damage, while secondary launches them.

As with the original VS/2/3, jumping on their heads does damage.

Primary= weak (5 dmg)
Footstomp= stronger (10 dmg)
Secondary= Launching, (launches them, then does 15 dmg if they survive, it also will stun them, meaning they can’t move, however they can still use their dash move to recover.)

(Holding down will send you forward, meaning you can use it to ram, or use it for recovery, however you will be stunned for a couple of seconds afterward, it will also send you backwards a little. Warning: repeated use can be dangerous as the distance it sends you backward after increases after each dash.)