Just made this boxart For TE2 and The bigger they are , you can see it on the game library
Temple explorer 2 boxart


Its Really cool Dude, I like it





JNG Can you help me please?

I want to make a shop, but right now i have a bit of a problem. My Player Object can jump in midair for some reason and i dont want him to, plz hlp!

heres how you do it, when jump button is pressed, an impulse is sent to Y, Correct? well, you need a switch to turn off when the jump key is released, and a collision to turn the jump back on!

Ok thanks

Just fixed it! But i still need help with the shop.

How do I fix the coins? They kinda slowly disappear and while they disappear you can keep collecting coins. PLZ HELP

Idk, @grazer, help him out!

Ok thanks anyway