Bright Minds: Game Reviews!

Hello, everyone! I am back after a long wait and more active then ever before!

I have decided to do some reviews since I have been getting lots of extra time lately. Its fun seeing what people do in Flowlab and what bright minds they have. Come out of your shadow, post a link or two, and let the world see what you guys can do! Inspire somebody! Show what you can really do with Flowlab. Lets see how you can progress and how you can execute your things wisely! Here in this discussion (whether your a pro or new) Someone is willing to give yourself some great feedback!

Also, I will also be doing a competition once and a while! I will do big competitions that have many sections like: Best newest game, Best plateformer game, best infinite game, etc.

So, my fellow, brilliant creators. What games do YOU want to be online?
Please give me feedback on what I should do next in this game because I don’t know where to go.
This game is not shut down anymore.