Bringing the classics back!!!

Everyone loves astroids, the game that inspired us all!
Now take that game, and put a modern twist on it, including my all new multidirectional firing rig, and my returning (and only used by me) “high score” rig.
Also note that you get to choose a ship instead of it always being the same.
This is work in progress… So i will post the game later

A large variety of enemies spawned at random.
Multiple ship choices
3 gamemodes
A system that keeps track of your personal best
Easy to learn controls
16 bit graphics for that retro feel.

This game is under copyright. You have been warned


That Awesome!!!

The game is functional, and music/sounds will be added later

Forgot to say, there is a grid in the BG to help you give a estimate on speed

Update: you can press spacebar for a long range shot, but it only fires in the direction you are facing

Also forgot, to fire normally, use asdw

Nice, will be much better when sound is added

Getting ready to add in my OST

Acade mode has music

Poltergiest by step

You mean polargeist?

Yeah, oops

Added dodge mode, its insanely hard- my high score is 10

I will beat that

lol just got ten

Beat 17!! lel

40- HA

Alright lets go!

22 is my best

My best in arcade mode is 115- try topping that