Broken Calamity thread

Hey Flowlab users, I have decided to create a new game called Broken Calamity.
The game will feature:
2 Boss Fights
1 Dungeon
Difficult enemies, which will have fighting tactics(E.G. Teleportation, Melee attacks, ranged attacks,etc.)
A shop to purchase new gear
A new HUD menu with an equip screen(Much like that of Minecraft)
And a compelling storyline.

the game is here

Tell me what you guys think!(Of the Idea, for now.)

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when I saw this I thought it was for fallout equestria lol
good movement, tell me to come back when you’ve added more so I can see how its doing, right now its bare bones.


-Update(April 21st, 2016)
Updated the sprite for the player, take a look!

-Update(April 21st, 2016)
Styxian Sword(Pronounced Sticksh-in)
Added First Inventory item and inventory

@“Call 911_IDK THE NUMBER”

nice sprite, can’t wait to see the next update!

sweet zombie, You should make boundaries and health. You should also make items equip able. You are doing great, Keep up the good work!

sweet zombie effect, I find zombies better with friction so they don’t fly every where, even though its hilarious.

thanks for the feedback, I will definitely add that in with maybe a blood trail
also thanks for the support, I am putting hours into this game already(6 hours in one day is not too fun)

“I decided to make armor, that can become health when equipped.
I put the zombies in as an extremely easy, yet dangerous enemy because when I make extremely difficult battle mages that teleport around the player and spam in fire balls, I don’t want to feel bad about making so many players die from one enemy. There needs to be diversity!”

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Added Zombies, and attacking

Yay! I am excited to try it out!

Added new backround for a post apocalyptic look
added more zombies
added burning car

updated player sprite
updated sword sprite

I might update the backround to look like the middle ages

the apocalypse doesn’t work out for me.

the sword and all that shtuff aint connecting, but I would love a middle ages themed game

You have to press “I” to open the inventory, then press “Right” on the keyboard, and when the Big box on the right says “1”, you press “Enter”

use spacebar when the sword is equipped to attack

Added newest sprite(will not be changed)
Gave character a name(Paris)
Replaced zombies with skeletons
Added an ocean setting
Thats all for now

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