Broken System. Please read grazer

If you flag 5 posts the entire topic is shut down permanently. Fix this and please undo the ban on my topic! They withdrew the inappropriate content already.




If there’s that much inappropriate content on there that it warrants that many flags, then I feel like it’s 100% justified to be shut down and looked into. It’s not broken at all.


I think everyone tried to flag haevoc’s post all at the same time causing the discussion to flip out.


Agree to disagree

The inappropriate post were by one toxic user I dont think one user should get a whole post banned

Bruh… It was Heavoc. If you banned every post haevoc spammed on, there’d be no forum left.

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'don’t know why that wasn’t clarified earlier but alright then haha

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It’s always him. I honestly don’t think he’s bad just needs maturing. Hopefully we can help him lol

was he originaly GrimStudioz

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Yep, same guy

That explains alot(2020202020)

Oof. That makes sense. However I still like him, he still needs maturing tho