BUG!!! Grazer Help

In my Game and only my game Slaughter (https://flowlab.io/game/play/1107855)
When you go to survival mode level and shoot the bullet is supposed to destroy when it touches anything. I went into the bullet and did collision any= Destroy and it doesn’t work @grazer can you help

I’m no Grazer, but I see your mistake. Instead of deleting the bullet when it hits anything, go into the enemy’s behavior and if it collides with a bullet, delete it.

Now when it collides with the bullet it doesn’t do anything even though I told it to send a message

Send a message to last object contacted.

It’s because you using a proximity instead of a collision on the monster.
This is deleting the monster before it contacts the bullet.

Just change the proximity to collision of the bullet
and in bullet to use the collision again instead of the mailbox


This sentence is false, or is it?

I fixed it