[BUG] Shape automatically changes to rectangle

When I change the shape of an object to a circle or capsule and click OK. It changes to ‘rectangle’. So I have to edit the shape until it doesn’t change to ‘rectangle’.
Very annoying. :frowning:

And this is not about the bug: Something went wrong with my YouTube tutorial videos and they’re suddenly all deleted. And I get an error when I try to upload the videos again.
So I’m making them again. I encountered this bug while recording and I don’t want people to see this weird bug. So I hope Grazer can fix this as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Hm… I hope you read the bug, Grazer…

I did see this, but I have not had a chance to investigate it yet. Does this only happen under certain circumstances, or is it happening all the time?

I am not seeing this behavior, any hints as to how to reproduce it?