Bug with my sprite

For some reason, in level 5, my Sprite can sprite which is supposed to be a teaser for Gamougg 2 Anniversary, got deleted. The object is exactly where it’s supposed to be, but the sprite is gone.
This is the sprite that I drew in Pixilart, then uploaded into Flowlab:
Gamougg 2 Anniversary Sprite Can


I don’t see anything like that in level 5, and I don’t see a “can sprite” object in your library. Am I doing something wrong? If I had to guess, I would assume that this is some sort of browser caching issue, but I can’t tell for sure without more info.


I mean the nether level so it’s level 5 excluding the main menu. The object is called Sprite or something.

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Ok, I see the object now. I also see a default sprite, which means the updated sprite wasn’t saved.

I also downloaded all of the game assets and looked through them, and the “Sprite” image isn’t there anywhere. Is it possible that the upload failed when you were working on that sprite?


I think so. My initial theory was that the Sprite can sprite was automatically removed because the game must’ve noticed that I replicated a real Sprite can too well :grin:.