Bug with text or text list or label idk (Solved)

in my Tetris in the level “end” in the object “score saver” the text block at “x”:-90, “y”:192 adds a /n (return) but when it joins into a text list it doesn’t display correctly like ever (it sometimes does)
also, I think it is a bug with a label
link (Flowlab Game Creator - Tetris)

also, this is the console idk if this helps

I’m a genius I put it in help request smh

@grazer you told me to make a post


@grazer do you know what’s up? did I mess up my code? or is it a bug?

Hey @cailem02 - when I look at that screen it seems to display correctly. I don’t see the logic you’re talking about, but a newline is “\n”, not “/n”.

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soz yeah I was on a free account and I pasted a cloud i think it was saving weird (cause that isnt supposed to exist) once i upgraded the bug disapered