Bugfix update

I just deployed an update that has some various bug fixes:

  • Player objects destroy properly when using a destroy block
  • Player attachments despawn when a player leaves
  • Tutorial is fixed
  • Player attachments should be displaying properly
  • Various other attachment tweaks and fixes like smaller physics shape & correct resetting when entering the editor
  • Fixed an issue with physics shapes reset incorrectly for global objects when animating
  • Network latency compensation tweaks to reduce jitter in multiplayer


  • Fixed physics rotations failing to update


Small objects with shapes and rotation still don’t work for me

edit: I am currently In a game jam and I don’t know what to do because the game is based off physics.

Hey, sorry - I’ve been focused mainly on the issues stemming from the network update. I’ll check out the physics issue next.

Alright, no rush. thanks

Too late, fix already deployed :tongue:

Let me know if you have any other problems.

Awesome! Thanks again Grazer :slight_smile:

@grazer I have no idea how to recreate this, but basically when two players are in a game, they have separate scores that show up in the top left corner, that works well and everything, but when one player leaves, the score literally deletes itself, not only in the game but in the editor, and the only way to fix it is by placing a label block, and then deleting it, then the score will show back up in the editor and game. Bizarre and annoying.