Buggy game, fed up, need someone to sort it out whos good with bugs

Hi guys, as you know ive been working on my new Peep the Beep game for a while and im fed up with all the bugs!!! (especially on level 4) I would like someone to just sort out the bugs please. I will give special credit to those who can contribute! It would be great if anyone could find the time to help me! Thanks all, have a great day. Click here for game link!

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I can help if you want,

OH yes please! :smiley: Thanks.

I have invited you to the team.

Your camera needs to be not solid but movable, this is your biggest issue.
Use Raycasts instead to turn around the enemies.
You could Pause the came until you press the button at the beginning.

Thats just a few I see just playing Lv4


Okay, I found exactly h=what was causing movement failures and getting stuck inside of blocks.

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I didn’t get it, my flowlab username is LandonY if that has to do with it…

I just resent it :slight_smile: thanks @JR01 aswell :smiley:

Alrighty, thanks for the help. I think JR_01 was just recommending things I don’t know if they were going to fix anything or not.

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I fixed a few things including the movement, a few objects collision types, and for some reason you had a floor parent for each object you wanted as the floor and it caused your player to get stuck and move back and forth in the air so I set all objects parents to none and it worked. If you find any small bugs that I can help with let me know, I’m glad to help anytime! (I can’t help you with the bigger things like enemy movement or the friction collision glitch because I’m currently working on my own game right now).

thanks! At some point i will hope that the enem movement i will fix but for now, i will go ahead with the levels. Talk soon.

Talk soon, also I recommend naming all your objects, it may seem like a lot of work but it’ll help in the long run. Also don’t make any of the sprites parents “Floor Parent” lol

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