Buggy Walk Glitch

So I made a character and lined the animations properly, but I can’t seem to see the walk that smooth. Here’s the game. (ill be removing the link) Flowlab Game Creator - SURVIVOR

You need to go into the animation and line each frame up so the center of the character is in the same spot. You have him also running in the animation and since its constantly moving back and forth in the animation, it’s going to show the player having a very choppy animation.

I would at least go back through and try to align the torso, so it’s closely in the same spot for every frame, and you should get a more smooth animation.

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I can go try and adjust all this again.

(Btw why am i bobbing)

I didn’t check that, but it could be that your character is hitting uneven ground or something. You could try making the player a capsule so it slides on the ground better.

Wait i did make it a capsule, lemme check again.

Yep, a capsule and movable.

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btw the games a game jam lol

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Also you know how to make endless mobs…

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Im so srry i meant to post it the second time though

Fine heres the sprite package here you go.


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