bugs in my game

my game is glitching where my sheep cars aren’t flipping when they hit the fence or grass can anyone help its called your late to work! i think?

also instead of going on top of the side walk the character goes under i dont know how to fix it

hi @“doot doot 101”

these are some things I found

  1. your sheep objects are not movable.

  2. the fence flips when the sheep touch it. (might want to remove all behaviors on the fence)

  3. you have grass collisions set to a specific grass object, which makes it so they only flip when they hit one exact piece of grass, not all of them.

  4. there’s too many sheep in one horizontal line that they keep bumping into each other. (either make them not solid or get rid of some sheep.

  5. I would suggest making the fence have the sheep flip as well (so they can go bak and forth) using a logic gate.

also it’s easier for everyone to help you if you post a link, I found it through your profile but it is really helpful.

like this
and btw hi


thats the link

Im having another teeny problem the door i set to go to the next level isnt working ive tried almost everything

you didn’t select the level you want it to go to

I thought i did thanks

you’re welcome

its still not working

and the character goes through the solid blocks

that happened to me to. i don’t know why i think it’s a bug

fixed it

use proximity instead of collision


I wonder why they would go through solid blocks. is the player solid too?

i think it was a bug. everything was solid for that game

I figured it out. the player is not movable. that’s why the movement is wonky and they go through walls. just check the box “movable” and your problem should be fixed. it is not a bug.

well, it isn’t my game so i don’t know:)