Bugs on the loose

Really, there’s a whole variety of glitches on most games, mine included. Sometimes the controllers don’t work, you die without even knowing how, or being stuck on some obstacle when the level starts. I really think they should be fixed

Hey Luminous700, what glitches are you running into in your games? If you point them out (and link to your game) I can either help you fix your game logic, or fix the problem if it’s a Flowlab bug.

Some of the glitches were dying without any reason, but I fixed it somehow (I don’t even know how… :wink: ) but thanks anyway! I may run into more glitches, which I have, but they’re quite minor for now…

On level 3, though, when the player collides with a missile that the tank emits the death note is supposed to show. Instead, the game glitches out and freezes. Pls tell me how to fix this (https://flowlab.io/game/play/468267)

Sometimes the missile firing malfunctions as well. Can you fix this?

Hey, I just looked at your game and for some reason the Alert that says “Boom” is not showing when the player gets hit by the tank missile. All of your logic looks correct, I am still investigating. Thanks for reporting this issue.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

I noticed that GUI objects with alerts or some other GUI node. It doesnt respond


So I tracked down this issue: it looks like there is a bug where Alerts do not show for emitted objects. Since your missiles are the ones displaying an alert, it doesn’t show correctly, it just pauses, so it appears that the game has hung.

I’ll fix this in the next update, in the mean time you can work around it temporarily by having the missile send a message to some other object in the game, and have that other object handle displaying the alert and restarting.

OK (but I’m too lazy to do that… lol) :smile:

Hey Luminous, I sorted out the bug that was causing your missile problem on level 3, so you should be good to go.

It only works sometimes. But thanks!

What do you mean by it only works sometimes? It should show a popup any time a missile hits the player.

It does, but not always on my computer. Maybe my computer’s the thing that lags