Building System Help

So im making a building system like fallout shelter and stuff like that and i need help to do so, i need to make some form of placer the follows you curser and snaps to the grid, my main problem is i cant make a boundary, but i need a build system to build rooms and build props or resources in the room so its kinda like 2 build systems.

Hmm that sounds tough though maybe ask @PixelPizza they are really good at makin games and might be able to help :slight_smile:

I might be able to help.

The boundary is going to be more difficult the smaller it is.
Is there scrolling? If so (or not) how big is the building area?

I’m pretty sure some on did this let me find the game

Ok here it is
Thanks to the long forgotten @Luminous

Thats exactly what im looking for, now to take care of boundaries

What do you mean by boundaries.

Boundaries meaning a border so you cant put a bunker in the sky

So like a gravity system for you blocks

Well i wouldnt say “gravity” i would say more of a requirement system such as “This needs to be in the ground” or “This must be touching the Ground/ Not floating” and Ect.

I mean it’s pretty similar. You could use ray casting to do this though.

then again back to the “boundaries” i want a limit of how far you can build outwards and upwards

You could use a curser to detect how far away your placing from your character.

that could work, but im making a moving character so you could just place a room enter the room you placed and so on and so on.

It could still work for a moving character.

i was thinking of using a proxy detector to disable placing when the boardor is detected

Makes sense but how are you going to make the border have collision if it suppose to be in a certain stop on your screen if you can only do that with user intercept layer or am I not understanding clearly.

well it would be the border of the world and camera and would be solid to stop you from falling of the world, make any more sense

Not really are you suggesting there is a certain build limit you in world so you can’t build outside of your explore zone???

yes… well mostly, i wouldnt say build limit, i would say building area