Bullet Hell (151515)

So I need help making the third boss harder since I think it is too easy here game


What do you mean EASY?

Well, I feel like for the third boss it’s just too easy to dodge. And it’s sorta my first bullet hell game.

I can’t dodge the FIRST boss

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well, do you have any suggestions for me to add to the boss?

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i like the new bullet design. And all the stuff that you added / improved, including the level selection.
Maybe you just have to tweak the 2nd boss a little too. The idea is unqiue thoe. Also, the third boss
is fine but like you said a little easy, but i don’t really know what you could change.

Thanks for the compliments! for the bullet design, I took heavy inspiration from Enter The Gungeon :sweat_smile: I would also like to know what I should tweak about the second boss(other than speed) Again thanks for the post!

the third boss is yeah… easier than the other two (also why are the top 2 always marked as cheaters)

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Yeh, leaderboards don’t save if you enter the editor

The first boss’s bullet barrage attack is much more fit for the 2nd or 3rd boss than the 1st

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