Bullet Madness Ultimate Update/Progress Log

The Bullet Team will post updates and progress on Bullet Madness Ultimate. (plz doo iitt)


Alpha v0.01: player and 2 enemies have been created, the first level is playable but not beatable.

Alpha v0.011: New enemy: parachute gun. Animations and code changed to reduce lag. detail being tested with

@Dolu posted, sorry

link to game?


Hey @sho21 , it overall is very fun to play! But I suggest trying to find a way to make it look like the terrain is actually moving, because at first I thought the place was just in an earthquake :lol: But very enjoyable, and most of the sprites look nice! Also enjoy the diversity in enemies! Nice job!

Yeah @kwells is on that, I’m focusing on the addition of actual vital parts for a level system and menu

Alpha v0.2:
-new enemy added: hover car, shoots targeting shots.
-fixed trees and sky,
-added menu and tutorial
-Pixel has arrived, he is better than Wumpus (no one will ever go to your birthday Wumpus)
-Ground not fixed yet :frowning:

-Pixel, Virtual Assistant

on it

finished with the spining grass

fix it plz, also dialog box being owrked on