Bullet Swerve (Time for custom skins...hehehe)

SO Bullet Dodge:https://flowlab.io/game/view/1650917

Next im updating the game; adding other peoples characters as some skins!! you can even name the prices hehe, So RN theres some so pls join

  • Sure I’ll join
  • NAH imma do something else
  • Jfajsdhlajsdfj(idk what to put here)

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sooo i can make a new skin

Basically yes

But name the price

Show what your skin looks like

and i’ll add it

the price is 100 lol

need link to game please

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I did, silly

already have one with 100 but ok

Screenshot 2021-04-14 9.07.03 AM sorry it like this im not used to big things but this is it

That looks like one of them also, name?

the star skin from my game drawing star

I recommend changing “Among Ornin” to “Sus Ornin” to make it funnier and more suspicious. After playing, I noticed that you don’t dodge the bullets, it’s more like you swerve around them. Maybe the title could be Bullet Swerve instead? Bullet Dodge sounds a bit generic, and Bullet Swerve doesn’t have the same ring to it, so what do you think?

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Maybe something like this as a character.
Maybe 120 or 125 points to purchase since you already had a 100.

I know its probably not the selected art style, but you could size the pixels up a bit to match the rest of the characters.

pixil-frame-0 (55) “Hardcode Norwegian” - 300 Points

well can you put the skin on because it wont let me

Thats a lot (ok imma change the name then

ok i really dont mind

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The characters don’t have shadowing i’ll take out those shadows and stuff

its goood i like it better than mines

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I didnt know that it would take a long time to fix up someones art to my style so i’ll add a character each day @star4m @ManiacPumpkin @Yorkie2323