Bundle problems

The boxes for the code keep on disappearing and indefinitely following the mouse and the sprite i set to move (a exact square) has a gap between it and the bottom and right wall also when i change the size of the area it stays te same an chunks of the game are cut out

Let me try to understand, since I believe I have similar problems. Behavior bundles randomly disappear when you drag them, sometimes a behavior gets stuck to your mouse, and you have to refresh the page, some object have a 1 pixel space between them, for no apparent reason, and I’m not sure what the last 2 are about, but I’ve encountered a few of these problems.

the bundle problem, i believe, i encountered when i first started flowlab. usually its fine, but after you delete a bundle and create another, none of them work right. sometimes they disappear and leave no traces, making me have to remake everthing. something thats really annoying is that it comes back when i refresh the page, and i didnt have rto remake it after all. also happened with one of my objects.

one more thing. when i use attacher the attached object also sometimes show up on the editor. delete, delete, delete, not so convenient.