Burrito slime update log

when ever i work on this game i update this update log
3rd April 2020: added a sound effect for hopping, music that plays while your playing (i should prob turn vol down for) that was made on the website soundimage.org
extended the ‘‘Burrito hopping’’ section
finally made death blocks
total hours spent today: Around two hours
total hours overall:2 hours

4th April 2020: removed music because it lagged my garbage computer and it was too hard to test with the lag
spaced out the burritos better on the burrito dash.
began work on the ‘‘Plains’’ section
made the first enemy (it doesn’t work and wont appear doe)
added the first two golden burritos
hours spent today: 2 hours
hours overall: 4 hours

6th April 2020: fixed glitch effecting Bo (the slime) the burritos and the golden burritos, i think they might’ve glitched because of the fact they don’t use their whole box but barriers also dont use all their space so maybe it was because they were interactable
you can finally get the second golden burrito and still finish what is currently done
added sound effects for collecting burritos and golden burritos fixed backround.
Hours spent today: around 30 minutes
total hours overall:4.5

remember to tweet me if you 100% or 90% the game (the second golden burrito is super hard) and suggestions you have
i’ve been thinking of another game i might work on after I’ve done a lot in burrito slime

I see you liked the name

yeah i did, you want credit?

no it’s fine just happy you liked it!