Bypass collision

If you’ve ever played a Mario or Sonic game, you would know that you can jump on platforms by jumping through underneath. How would I replicate this in flowlab?

RPG Maker 2000 had directional bypass, where you could set objects to be passable from certain sides, but not from other sides.

Super Mario Maker added one way gates that you can’t walk back through.

Oh, this is easy…

Remember the chase logic?

Remove the X axis from it, and connect the Y filter to an enable.

You can figure out the rest

@“Mhx Ar”

Tried it, doesn’t work, enemies fall through. Unless you mean disable player instead of ground, which might work. I was thinking about moving the player with disable or position, when in proximity below ground, and using combination down and jump to clip through the ground to go underneath. I haven’t tested it, it was a theory, but I wanted to see other people’s suggestions since I won’t be home for 5 more hours.

Actually, I’m going to make a skeleton map. That will work even better. I’ll explain in a different topic why skeleton maps are the best idea I’ve ever had.

Why not have the player teleport up onto the platform when he hits it?

I’m gonna text a few theories, but the skeleton map should be the best one. Since last year, I’ve been jotting down notes on how to work around flowlab’s bugs, so even if grazer updates the editor, my game will never break, like all my older games have.

Complicated math and skeleton mapping should be the failsafe for any possible bugs or updates.