(C) laws

To protect certain games, i want to have mine copyrighted,
@grazer, can you explain to me how this works.

It seems some games of mine get too much attention

With regards to Flowlab, you own the copyright to anything you make as long as it is original work.

Ok thanks!
What do you mean by with regards to flowlab, like crediting?

I mean that Flowlab doesn’t attempt to assert any copyright ownership over anything you make using Flowlab - if it’s your original work, you own the copyright.

OOOOOHHH… So its not enforced by you/flowlab.

But im worried that its not legal, my friend says you have to pay the (U.S.) government in order for it to be legal

I’m not a lawyer, but it is my understanding that when you create a new, unique work then you own the copyright automatically by default. You do not have to file, register, or pay to own the copyright to your own work.


Okay, thanks grazer!!! :smile:

you don’t need to copyright a game if its just on flowlab and if your not gonna do anything with it its useless to do it, pretty sure it cost 45$ to copyright something but I’m not positive.