C++ VS. Flash. Is C++ Faster?

I’m noticing on my “better than decent” PC that my game is having just a small bit of stutter and lag. I’d assume that flash running through a browser to play a game would be far slower than C++ running native on a desktop, but I’d like confirmation. Thanks.

Flash is pretty fast, but C++ should be faster, in general.

That’s what I thought. Hopefully it’s a nice 30/60fps experience.

If you are experiencing significant slowdown, load your game in /embed instead of /play or /view. /embed is the fastest for gameplay, but the mouse drags slower. CBG and I tend to make games with a lot of objects on the screen at once, usually particle effects and enemies. The game slows down at around 30-60 moving objects on screen, and even earlier if they are animated, rotating, and changing alpha or size. Realistically, a normal person would not have 30-60 enemies on screen at once, but CBG is a bullet hell/enemy hoard kind of guy, and I like to try to force the flowlab engine to break, so grazer can fix the bugs and improve the engine performance. Since I haven’t seen your game, I don’t know what specifically causes the lag for you.

Also, yes, exported games are far faster than online, because they don’t rely on your internet connection and your browser performance.