Cactus Studios - Backstreet Crabs

Hello Flowlab, I’m back! It’s been a long, long time, but I’m glad to be back! I’m here to share my new idea, Backstreet Crabs, a pretty big project. Basically, you’ll play Jeremy, a crab part of the Backstreet Crabs, one of the many gangs in town. Don’t worry, everything will stay kid-friendly, the characters just look like bad boys and even though the topic is mafia and crime, there will be no blood or murders, just small and cute missions for your boss! Hope you are hyped!

-Cactus Studios


Awesome, I’ll be sure to support you. I’m exited to see what’s to come!


I’m back! Done with the Player Movement and with the first scene! I decided the camera will be a bit special: When the player leaves the screen, the camera will move in the camera slot located in the Player’s current scene, a Zelda-like camera, actually.