Calling all Gamougg critics

All those of you who have criticisms of the Taile Gamougg franchise (@DinoDev, @Agent_Y), hear me out. I ask that you join me in making Taile Gamougg: Anniversary. This game would originally be cloned from the original taile gamougg, and would many new game mechanics and features as well as improve the graphics, art, and sound. We may soon follow this up with proper remakes of taile gamougg 2 and 3. Reply to join this project, and I will add you to the pm with the link. This will require advanced behaviours.


I would like to see how you spruce up the original titles.


Is this just a request to let Agent_Y and I create one of your games so we don’t criticize your other series?

If so, genius idea. I can help sure, but I’m not saying I will be the most active team member, due to school and family crap.

I’ll try my best to participate, I can start a developer team and invite you and anyone else who is participating in this frenzy.


Also, what is Anniversary Edition? You made these game like a few months ago. :upside_down_face:

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No, I want this to be a team effort. I doubt I’d think of something like that anyways.

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Who said the game is gonna be released now? The Anniversary Editions are supposed the ultimate versions of the game; are supposed to be released at least a year after the originals.

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I haven’t even touched your games before

Huh? Then I must’ve misremembered. But I do believe that you’ve forgotten your possibly true comments on my first post about Gamougg 3?

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I have never played any of your games…

Why is this game way more successful than every game I made afterwards? - Play My Game - Flowlab Community
i may be wrong

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I never said anything about having played it, I was sharing general facts about how the plays system works… :man_facepalming:

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Understandable, have a great day.

And I have my own games and ideas to work on…

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I was invited to the party, just so you know, I won’t be that active as I have to also work on Magnus and my new game so…

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Regretting all this already huh?


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emoji king chaos

I think you’re unaware that you invited my free account to the developer team.

You see, I use my old free account on the forums but the account I make games with is LandonY, so if you could add that user instead of DinoDev, I just don’t visit that account so it’s kind of useless except for the forums.

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