Camera Glitch

When I teleport my player the camera that is normaly is supposed to auto scroll with the player is messed up. I think it is just not moving, I think its seeing the background color I gave the level and all of the tiles that are supposed to be there are unloaded. I know the player has to be in the right spot but the camera isnt because i can see the file saved text appear the fade away when you get close to a save point. When you get to a save point and the game is loaded again you will start at that point, this is when the issue is happening.Annotation 2019-09-15 002455

Huh, this is a strange bug, did you make sure that the player teleported within the same area that the camera can autoscroll to?

Could you also leave a link…

Heres the link @Superstargames and @“JR 01” You will need to play a bit to get to that save point.

Found your problem

When you save, it extracts the players position and sends it to the save.
The problem is that Extractors find the coordinates in Pixels and the player position is set by Grid. Just change the position to pixels you use for the save.