Camera Glitch

The camera is a weird part of the game. It automatically activates through no triggers. I wanted to make a warp zone that made the camera move to the secret area, but the camera would activate even though it was on a collision trigger. I have no idea what this is but please fix it.

Its best to have a separate object for the camera, and use switches to activate the camera.
But could you also leave a link to your game?


I would instead move the camera instead of using auto scroll feature.

  • Turn off auto-scroll
  • The A - 160 centers the player to the middle of the screen
  • The filters limit how far the camera can go left, right, up, and down
  • This set up doesnt let the camera show below the level or to the left (what you had in auto scroll)
  • Turn the switches off to stop following the player
  • Manually show where you want the camera (-352 and 0 is where the secret room is)

Thanks a lot :smiley: