Camera view changes when the player hits a door

I want the camera view to change so the player can see the new room but only when they touch the door.
Here is the link to the game =


If you want to Autoscroll, Click to Camera and increase or reduce number of directions. (sorry for the picture)

Your money behaviors are wrong. Remove Label and Number (in money behaviors). And
make this in player behaviors:

1)Rename Coin object to make your game making easy.
2)Click Player to edit.
3)You need 1 “Collision”, 2 “Number”, 1 “Label”.
4)Click “Collision”, click “Any type” and select “Coin”. Tie the “hit” (collision) and “in” (1. number)
5)Click “Number” (1. number) and increase the number to 1 . Tie the “out”(1. number) and “+” (2. number)
6)Tie the “out” (2. number) and “value” (label)

If you don’t understand tell me.