Cameras are weird

In my game, I have a campaign mode, and I need a camera to scroll and follow the player. I don’t want that to happen in other game modes, so I made a separate invisible object called the camera to hold camera data, and I used extractors and an always trigger to move the camera to the player’s position, However, instead of affecting the camera, the player just immediately flies upwards. To get to the campaign during play, click on the scroll button. It is stored on a separate level in the editor. I’m not sure what’s going on, so could somebody help?

Hello. It will be helpful if you send a game link.

Oh, yes, sorry, I forgot.

I think I found your problem. your camera is solid so it pushes the player up but since the camera is supposed to follow the player it moves up with player pushing the player up again forever causing this. so you need to make the camera not solid

Ah, ok, that makes sense lol, thank you!

Still working on making the camera actually scroll though. I’ll check some other examples.
Edit: I fixed it, it was just the boundary areas, I had to widen them to fit the whole level.