can anyone help me with this?

my game is top-down and eventually going to be open world I want to have the infected spawners scattered randomly around the map. Does anyone have any Idea on how to do this? I have tried many ways but they did not end up quite how I wanted them to

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thank you @GrimProductionZ

no problem any time

This may help you with designing a top down world:

do you mean like a randomizer that spawns the spawners around the map

.yes @GrimProductionZ that is exactly what I mean!

and thank you @“The Kodex”

Hmmmmmmm ok I try and see if I can whip something up for you never tried it so it’s a go time

thanks @GrimProductionZ

it might be later tonight when I start though since it’s Sunday I can’t really get on much

But yeah sounds like a fun challenge

Hey @seamothmaster45 I’ve come up with a solution pretty simple really check out the example:

go into the editor and open the behaviors of the block titled spawner of course that is the spawner that spawns the object randomly