Can anyone help me?

I am trying to make a hidden object game. So far there are a few things I am unclear on. I really need a walk-through because I am stuck.

In my game, I would like to include a text box with the words of the description/object to find.
When the object is clicked, I want it to play a sound effect, disappear, the word to disappear in the text box and 10 points to be added to the score.
If you don’t find all 10 objects in the scene in 60 seconds or total score 100, restart scene.
How do I do that?

I have an animation that I would like to start as soon as the scene starts, when that animation is over, go to next level. I can’t seem to get the animation to play or trigger moving to the next level? Can GIFs be imported, if not, how can I trigger this action?

This is the BIGGEST issue I am having, resizing the images/objects I import to hide in the scenes. Why is it that you can’t drag the objects around to different areas or make it smaller to hide in the scene? How can i do that?

The last thing is toggling sound on and off in a GUI scene, saving and returning to where you left off?

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help. Thank You.

Could you leave a link to your game?

For the text box, would you be using an object, a label or a alert? If you want the test to disappear, you wouldn’t use the alert. For objects to disappear, you either delete the object, change the alpha (how see through), or change the position to off screen. Same with labels, except you cant delete.

You can upload individual images but not full GIFs. For why the Animation isn’t working, I would need to see the game and see whats wrong.

To resize objects, you would use the Size behavior. If you want to move objects to cover the screen, similar to a transition, you would manipulate the Position. For smooth movement, you could use the ease behavior.

And no, there isn’t a pause feature yet for sounds and music. Just stop and play.

Thanks JR 01, sending link to you now.

There… isn’t much here. If you get stuck on things, I can help but cant make things in other peoples games. That’s just how flowlab protects its creators.

I see what kind of games your going for and I have a few suggestions.

  1. Make the background separate from the items
  2. Make every item an object to click on
  3. I would go with the Labels to change the text box more easily
  4. Make an object that stores the score

I say labels because they either delete with the object or you can control there alphas
(0 --> alpha makes it invisible, same with objects)

If your talking about the animation for the “animation logo”, its just you have the wrong animation selected.

Also please use a once instead of an always for the intro music, I don’t want my head to explode lol.

Here is an example for how you click an item and add 10 points with the other stuff:

I didn’t see where or what object you wanted to move in the level but something like this may help:

Yes, this is great. By move, I actually meant, I wanted to make it small enough to hide in the scene (scale it down). Can I create a Dev team and invite you?

To scale down, you would use the size behavior.

I’m not really open for teams, but I can help if anyone gets stuck or when something doesn’t work.
Implement what I’ve shown you and let me know when you need help if you get stuck on anything,

Alright, thanks a bunch, I will!

Hello again, I have made a few changes.

I guess before I move on and add anymore objects, I can now get the “Angel” object to disappear but, I can’t get the name associated with it to disappear with it. What have I done wrong there?

Should I make a score board with a label or is there something else for scores? I am sorry, I am making progress but still unclear on a few little details.

For the rest of the scene, each one of these 10 objects will equal 10 points, when it reaches 100 How do I make it automatically “go to next scene”?

Please help me, I know I am super annoying but I am really determined to put this together.
Thanks! :slight_smile: