Can Anyone Help Please :(

Basically i’m trying to make a game which looks similar to the early tutorials (mario-esque?) on here but when you collect a star, you have to answer a true/false question to continue. I’ve only just started playing around with the programme and i’m really not savvy when it comes to stuff like this. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

If you give me some time, I will look at it. Currently I just finished a regents exam so I’m sitting in class.

Alright. I have time right now!

So I fooled around with it, and this is the best I can do saying that I haven’t been here in a while and I’m out of practice. Here’s what I got:

Basically you use wasd to move your character.
You touch your character to the purple block and read the question above.
The green and silver blocks appear and you click your answer.
It’s unorganized because I threw it together in like 10 minutes, but it’s a pretty good example.

Make sure you look at the actual writings in the blocks so you can recreate it :wink:


Thankyou so much! I’ll give it a whirl :slight_smile: