Can anyone review my flowjam game?

I haven’t seen any review stations up rn, and I’m very proud of all the progress I’ve made in the past 3 days. It’s playable now and beatable, just difficult. I’m looking for building suggestions. Thanks!

There is an issue with flowlab where the labels won’t load in so just go in the editor and hit play again.


I like it so far, the graphics are all consistent (style and pixel size), which is huge for me because you see too many game with different pixel sizes and it looks cheap. I would first recommend making a character, not that the grey sphere isn’t charming. I would also suggest using the same font for everything, your menu has three different fonts, and I thing the tutorial is yet another font… but it’s a great start for five days.


Alr, i made the menu fonts consistent, what should I do about the character?

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Anything, something simple. Just an idle and walk sequence. I wouldn’t worry about attack or axe sequence.

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Menu fonts look good.