Can i make backgrounds bigger than the screen size?

i drew this, but it only takes up a small portion of the actual background. is there a way to scale up background objects?

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Yes, you can use the blue handle in the bottom right corner.


Or you could manually resize it using your preferred software.

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@PixelPizza oh, i thought i looked for the blue handle, but i think i just forgot how to find it :smile:

it’s working now. i was worried i wouldn’t be able to use that background just because it doesn’t repeat well.

That’s what that handle’s for??? :open_mouth:

I’ve been missing out XD

yah, I only knew about it until recently ( a few months ago) but i thought it was just for the game layer until now

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WHAT! i didnt know that existed! is that for all layers or just for the backround?

But, How Do You Use It?

i assume its a click and drag thing

yeah, I thought so…

how am i the only one (other than PixelPizza) who knew about that size handle xD

game and background, idk if it works on ui