Can some people check some things for me?

I’ve been out of FlowLab for a while, so I’d most appreciate if some people can check out my featured game, A-Box, and see if anything is wrong - mainly people who have played the game when it was originally released. Much appreciated!

Here’s the game (A-Box):

Thank you to all who help me out in advance!

I mean, its a bit laggy but nothing that I can see is broken

Nice to see you back for a bit :slight_smile:

@“my_name (<_>)” thanks for checking it out - yeah, it’s not laggy for me, but the music and some SFX would cut out for me, so I went to check if anyone else was having the same issue. I wouldn’t care if it was just me with the issue, but if it’s effecting other people’s playthroughs, then I’m going to check it out.

But thanks for looking into it, man!

Its the same as I remember,
I believe we discuss the music cutting out due to a pause behavior with the text boxes