Can somebody help me with my issue.

I got this little tank game (wich is not ready yet) wich doesnt work with my health bar.
I got an system to make it work but it doesn’t.
PLS help me!

Oh forgot to put Link in it, here it is:

It immediately says that ‘I’ have won…

What to do??

Here is why you win immediately:

So what do i need to do now??

From what i see in the pic @grazer provided, you might want to change greater than 0 to less than 1

Otherwise your setup is just fine

i got it on less then 1

and i already got it working

Oh ok!

wait a moment

look it now

Nice- if the bar annoys you, click on the grid, ignore the menu and move the bar. You can also use a label instead!


Here is an example