Can someone give me an alert screen tutorial?

I want the message box to appear in the middle of the game.

If you want it to appear if you do a certain something, connect any trigger behavior based on what you want to have trigger it, to the alert behavior…and that’s it.

what about if you want to stop appearing after death?

Like how to make something appear for a certain amount of time and then it disappears

I actually have 2 problems,im trying to make a box that when you hit it,a hint Label pops up,and I also have my “Welcome to my game” alert message popping up even after player dies and restarts.

Its easy. In your player behavior’s you have to use ‘Once’ from triggers bar and connect it to ‘Alert’.

What category is this behavior in?

I think you want to create your custom Alert instead of using the Alert block.
The actual alert block is a message in the center of the screen and you can change what it says and the color, as well as the button. With this block though, the only way to close it is to click the button.

You Could make one yourself by using a character / sprite.
You then could change when it appears AND to close automatically if you want.
You could do this by changing the alpha (invisibility) OR use positions to teleport the Alert in and out of the game.

If your Having problems with the programming aspect, post a link to the game and I can show you how it could work.