Can someone help me with music?

I have a song downloaded but I cant get the link to work

Music needs to be hosted online, not downloaded, and the link has to end in .mp3

okay thanks

@Mhx_Aîr I have a similar problem, I have a .mp3 file, I used google drive download links, but it “needs to point directly to a mp3 file” and idk what is hosting lmfao

Um, this post was made back in 2018…
If you still need help, I recommend creating a new topic instead of gravedigging old ones.

I Remember When I Bumbed A Old 2018 Topic And Then Was Told To “Create A New Topic” When I Did’ent Know How. (I Was New Here) Not On This Account.

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Lmfao XD oops I just hate spamming topics

actually I just noticed on top of my post it said 3 years ago xd