Can someone help me with this thingy?

In my game I want the cursor to predict the angle at which the object emits and I don’t know how. Can someone help please:)

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Could you explain it a bit more?
Why do you want the cursor to know the angle and what/how is the object being emitted?

You know in some games when the cursor aims the thing that the main sprite is emitting? When the cursor is used to aim something. Take Operation Delete for example. The cursor aims where the main sprite shoots. I want the cursor to aim where my main sprite throws his ninja star.

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Well you can attach an object to the player and set it’s rotation to point at the cursor
Or you can use @JR01 's awsome orbit bundle

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How do I access his bundle?

just try the attacher first. It’s way simpler.

Does the object attach to the character or does the character attach to the object. (Which one has the attach behavior?)

put the attacher in the character

Ok. Can you sort of explain how the object turns towards the mouse please? (I’m not very experienced with Flowlab yet, sorry.)

Here, I made an example game. There is a pointat behaviour.
One thing to watch out for is that the attacher attaches the objet to the center of the player so make it a 3 by 3

Thanks a lot. That should do it:)
A few minutes later: It totally worked! Now the object follows the mouse. All I need to do now is make the object emit the ninja star. Got to go now, thanks for the advice.


Something is messing up though. After a while the aiming object stops following the mouse. I copied the exact behaviors and physics from your example Flying_Fajita but like a minute into the game the object just stops following the cursor. I don’t know what the problem is.
This is my game
Flowlab Game Creator - Vironia

Oops :sweat_smile:
There is an option in “Mouse Move”. Just click the “Use game coordinates” and it should work

YESSSSS!!! IT WORKS!! Thanks thanks thanks. Now my game is MUCH BETTER! :grinning: (You’re the best Flying_Fajita) BTW awesome name:)