Can someone help me

ok so i’m sure this is actually easy but i don’t know how to do it.
so basically i’m making an actual good remake of geometry dash and i have a lot so far but i want to add an upside down jum pad that is on the roof/ceiling and it needs to shoot me down and not up

You could make set the gravity to 0 and make it so it slowly drags the player maybe -2 (example) on the Y movement so it will act like gravity is pulling him down. And when you press the jump pad it could set the Y to +2 so now he goes up instead of down.
Although not entirely sure if this works, I never really experimented with something like this.

this is what i have to send me up are you saying i put this number negative and it would send me downScreenshot 2021-03-02 at 9.55.36 AM

Actually the grid system on flowlab is weird so its actually negative to up and positive to go down.

Also what you have is just for jumping. I would add a timer on repeat plugged into a number (y movement) and put that into a velocity. When you jump it will go into an impulse, but the gravity feature will go into velocity.

When you collide into a jump pad it will take a number 2 and set it to another number, which is the one hooked up to a timer and into the velocity.

well does it at least look good so far cuz i think i figured it out

Looks nice, good luck with this!

@ManiacPumpkin the grid system goes down instead of up to simulate the coordinates GPS system in real life, I assume.

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Okay, that would make more sense. I always kept figuring that it was like a grid for dimensional graphing or something, lol.

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I never even questioned it before lol. I used to do a ton of top-downs so it made sense to me.

ok next question how can you make the game go in full screen

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You would need Indie or any other paid account to use the fullscreen behavior.

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