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@grazer So in my game Johnny Boy I am trying to make it so if you beat level one it goes to level 2 and saves so next time you get on the game you can choose to play level 2 how do I do that? Also in your highscore test I went into the coding and made my highscore to 2000 and it saved. Can you fix that so people can’t just change highscores and people can just go to the next level without beating the first?
My Game:

And how do I make it so that people can’t just open editor and click level 2 and play it?

Anyone @grazer

Hey @“Johnny boy” - If you embed the game in a different website using the embed code, the editor will be disabled. You can also de-list the game from the Flowlab games list, so that it doesn’t show up here. That way, people playing your game will not have access to the editor - is that what you need?

Also how do I do it so when you beat level 1 it goes to the next one and saves. So that when you come back it lets you play it and you couldn’t play it before unless you beat level 1?

So @grazer I put don’t list in game list on but the editor still shows when I sign out of my profile and try playing

@“Johnny boy” - you can still play it if you know the url, but it won’t show up in the games list so noone would know about it unless you have sent them the url.

To save progress, use a Save block. If they get to level 2, store the value “2”, if they get to level 3, store “3” and so on. When the game starts, check that value to see which levels have been unlocked. Then you can start them where they were, or have a level select screen with the available levels unlocked.

I figured it out

But people can just get to level 2 by dragging the player to the end and then it saves

Not if it’s on a website where you cant edit it.