Can Someone link me a good boss fight example?

it would be much appreciated

it would be much appreciated

Hey, one of my favorite game Bosses of all time is from Shadow of the Colossus.

i meant in flowlab

but thanks man

There a few bosses in flowlab but you could try to make your own from scratch and be original.

Anyway, here 3 tips for a good Boss:

  • DON’T put a giant meaningless Health Bar.
    // It’s not because they are a boss they need to have a huge health bar.

  • It has to be unique and keep fresh during the battle. Physically and Logically.
    //Bosses in games are beloved because they always bring something new or add a new challenge.

  • A Boss should always teach something OR test something(usually a mechanic) the player just learned.

That’s it! Now adventure yourself in flowlab and create the coolest Boss Battle :wink:
Be creative.

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I love you pixelPizzaz