Can someone play my game and give me background idea?

The game is still in development but I struggle to make the background so pls give me feedback and suggestions!
Game link:

Maybe some black and white revamps of the New Mario Wii bgs?

That sound really cool! Thanks for the feedback
Let me sketch it out first.

@“Alex Minh” no problem. You game certainly doesn’t lack potential!

Thank you!

No problem. One more thing, I would recommend making the camera have a parallax of 10. This will give the effect that the background is slowly moving along, slower than the player but still moving, such as in Mario Maker 2 and Mario Wii.

How do you do that?

And also I just made a quick draft of the background:E12DCD48-C058-4E54-B8D1-7CFE25A578D7

Oh nvm I managed to do the parallax things

Neat start!